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Special Announcement

Dear All,
Effective immediately, Tim Hayes will assume duties for a newly created position as my chief of staff. With more than 15 years’ experience as the President and CEO of Cambric, Tim brings to this role a wealth of executive leadership experience and manufacturing industry know-how. His areas of responsibility will include oversight and guidance of corporate governance, facilitate strategic resource planning, conduct FY15 KPI SLT performance and monitoring, provide operational governance and review, enable new plans for optimizing our delivery model, and execution of special projects as may be assigned from time-to-time. All of these initiatives will need ever more attention as we continue on the path to scaling the business.

Additional to his exemplary leadership of Cambric, Tim has demonstrated throughout his career an unwavering commitment to operational excellence, transparency and accountability. I could not be happier to have such a talented individual leading such a vital role for the company, and I ask that you please join me in congratulating him on his new position.

Alisa Harewood, who has been stellar as the Head of the President and Global COO’s Office, will continue providing the same high-level counsel and managerial services with which she has distinguished herself over the last two years.

Practically speaking, Tim’s appointment will allow me to spend more time in the territories, both with customers and engaging the nearly 7,000 employees we have around the world. I truly look forward to the opportunity and cannot wait to meet so many more of you face-to-face.

Warmest regards,

Warren Harris

Ex: Culture of Winning

Tata Technologies Truck Takes 2nd Place!


Tata group founder

Jamsetji Tata's 175th Birthday Anniversary

Follow on Twitter #JNTata175

Volunteer Week

Tata Engage

Tata Engage Week

Caring for our Community

Lucknow Blanket Drive

lucknow blanket driveDear All,
Thanks for your Contribution and Support.

With your support and active participation in this donation drive we spread some warmth and happiness to few, in this chilly winter. With your Contribution we raised an amount of ` 2750. We bought 14 blankets and visited a shelter house setup for poor and needy. रैन बसेरा अलाव (Raen Basera - Alaav) is a temporary shelter for homeless, these are setup during winters in various parts of the city. We visited one such shelter house setup at Husaria Chauraha, Lucknow (Near Japuria Management School). Seeing us many people gathered around in hope to receive blankets.


Reported by Pallav Agarwal, Team Leader - Digital Manufacturing


Intellectual Property Policy and Guidelines

Tata Technologies takes pride in being an IP compliant company!

We are pleased to announce the publication of the formal Intellectual Property Policy and Guidelines. Click the image to access the policy documents and familiarize yourselves with the IP framework at Tata Technologies.


Championship Finale

Steve Brown Race Report

Kevin Fisher and Steve Brown If somebody had asked me 3 weeks ago if we would be racing again this season I would have pulled a sulky face and said NO CHANCE! However thanks to support from TTL and a big effort from Track Focused the car was fixed in time for the last race meeting of the year at Donington Park.

Great to have support from VPD President Kevin Fisher at the circuit on Saturday. After an eventful race on a damp but drying track I finished 11th. I had been running 6th before spinning. I may have been pushing a little too hard to impress the boss. Lesson learnt!

Read more on the Intranet >>

MBE Ethics Story Competition

Tell Your Ethics Story

Writing our own story and sharing with colleagues is always a pleasure. Employees' ethical stories are shared on our MBE Micro site under “My Tata Technologies.”

The link of the story library is here.

This year we again launched the competition on 1st October 2013, and the competition will be open until December 2013. Those of you who have not yet shared your story are requested to go down memory lane and recollect an ethical incident of your life, write it on your computer and click on the Picture to upload your story.

What is in it for you? 1000 Ethics Points are credited to your Ethics Account for contributing your story. If your story is selected for the competition, you get additional 10,000 Ethics Points credited. The top 3 winners will get 20,000, 30,000 & 40,000 Ethics Points as bonuses. The winners would be felicitated during the Annual Function. All the selected stories will be published on the Tata Technologies’ MBE Site.

What are you waiting for? Write your Ethical Story and upload on the Tata Technologies’ MBE site. Please note: There is no limit on number of entries per person. Awaiting your entries at your earliest,

Culture of Innovation

Global Finalists of the Innovation Challenge

 President's BlogCongratulations Global Finalists!

Congratulations to Gopal Musale and Dinesh Ugale for their Innovative Flexible Seating System. They are the winners of the first Innovation Challenge and the lucky winners of an iPad Mini!

Honourable Mentions: A number of ideas really stood out and deserved a special mention. Two ideas were selected because the teams demonstrated not only out of the box thinking but also established a strong and well thought out business case in their submission.

  • Reducing paper for the in-house magazine Pravin Kumar
  • LED lighting in the offices Sumit Sahu & Varun Rajasekaran

Again, we would like to thank all those who entered the challenge.  It was really an eye opening experience to see the quality of entries and how truly INNOVATIVE we are!

Culture of Caring

Uttarakhand Program Strategy Document

Floods and landslides in June 2013 led to extensive loss of life, property and livelihoods in Uttarakhand.

Teams from the Tata group and Himmotthan Society were among the first to initiate relief operations

This comprehensive PDF document contains:

  • An impact summary of the cloudburst in July 2013
  • Ongoing Initiatives - Phase I (Relief Operations)
  • Way Forward - Phase II (Near Term Focus Areas)  
  • Way Forward - Phase III (Medium Term Focus Areas)
  • Tata Group - Uttarakhand Program Outline  

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Tata Engage Week

Volunteers Reading to 1st Graders at Garfield Elementary in Michigan

Employee volunteers from NA HQ delivered and read books to first graders at Garfield Elementary School as part of Tata Engage Week. Employee volunteers are delivering books each day this week to different schools in the area.

Caring for our Community

Uttarakhand Program Update (Week of 31st January 2014)

Click here for the update in PDF format with images

This week saw members from the program team travel to Rudraprayag & Pithoragarh to finalize locations for construction of Aanganwadis. The relief & rehabilitation work done till date in Pithoragarh was also acknowledged by the district administration.

A. Developments in Reconstruction program
Mr. Yogesh Shukla and Anit Singh travelled to Pithoragarh this week to evaluate and finalise locations for construction of aanganwadi centers (“AAC”). The team met with the district administration, including the District Magistrate, Dr. Neeraj Kherwal, to introduce the pilot prefabricated unit built at Purkal as an illustration of our construction solution. The site for the first AAC has already been levelled while 4 other potential sites were visited for evaluation. A district-level Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) has also been signed confirming plans for AAC reconstruction in the district.

Mr. Virat Shivam Mehta and Ms. Antara Chatterjee travelled to Rudraprayag for similar interactions with district authorities for AAC reconstruction. They visited a total of 7 sites with 3 being finalised for immediate action. The MOU for AAC reconstruction in Rudraprayag has been submitted and is expected to be signed within the following week.

B. Acknowledgement of Relief & Rehabilitation work done in Pithoragarh
The Uttarakhand program received acknowledgement for the relief work done in the aftermath of the June 2013 floods / landslided through a certificate of appreciation from the district admininstration. The certificate was presented to the visiting team, and was signed by the Chief Development Officer, Dr. Anand Shrivastava and District Magistrate, Dr. Neeraj Kherwal. The team is grateful for this acknowledgment and reiterated its commitment to long term rehabilitation in the subsequent phase.


Final Entry Count

Innovista Final Entries by Territory

Culture of Innovation

Global Finalists of the Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge WinnersCongratulations Global Finalists!

Congratulations to Dinesh Ugale and Gopal Musale for their Innovative Flexible Seating System. They are the winners of the first Innovation Challenge and the lucky winners of an iPad Mini!

Click the small image.

Again, we would like to thank all those who entered the challenge. It was really an eye opening experience to see the quality of entries and how truly INNOVATIVE we are!

Employee Communications

President's Video Blog

Warren's latest video blog is posted to the Communicate section of the President's Virtual Office.

Remember, if you don't have time to view the video blogs during your work day, you are welcomed and encouraged to open and read My Tata Technologies from home.

Tata Technologies Legal

Update Your Legal Quotient!- Issue 2 of “LAW CONNECT” Legal News Letter

law connectTeam Legal is pleased to bring to you Issue 2 of “LAW CONNECT”! Please click on the tiles for exciting snippets of Law.

• Highlights of the New Companies Act, 2013

• The Art of Contract Negotiation

• Accidental Inventions that changed our world

• iComply Journal • Crazy Laws

• Laws you need to know- A comparative study of Trade Mark Laws .

IT Communiqué

ITAM Policy and End User Declaration

laptop userDear Colleagues, As you may be aware, IT is in the process of controlling administrative privileges on end user desktops and laptops. This is to ensure that all software installations is routed through IT and we avoid any pirated or unauthorised software installations on our company owned assets. We have thus, completed administrative control on all desktops in our delivery & business functions and we now move on to administrative privilege control on laptops.

If an employee is required to have the administrative privilege for business purpose, he/she will need to sign an end user declaration as acceptance of company policy on software installations. In such case, please refer to the ITAM Policy and accept the terms to have administrative privileges. Alternatively, IT will disable the administrative rights to ensure compliance. The undertaking is in electronic format as is placed at this URL.

The administrative privilege control for all global IT employees is complete & we are now working towards controlling laptops in all support functions, delivery and business functions.

Should you need any help or clarifications please contact your territory administrator as below or write to

Please note: IT will disable administrative privileges for all those Laptop users who have not signed the ITAM declaration.

Culture of Innovation

Innovation Hub Launch

press conference
Click to view the Innovation Hub Launch in a pop-up window.

International Headquarters
Tata Technologies Pte Ltd
8 Shenton Way
#19-05 AXA Tower
Singapore 068811

Asia Pacific Headquarters
Tata Technologies Ltd
25, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park
Hinjawadi, Pune 411057

North American Headquarters
Tata Technologies
41050 W. Eleven Mile Road
Novi, MI 48375-1302

European Headquarters
The Enterprise Centre Coventry University Technology Park
Puma Way, Coventry
West Midlands CV1 2TT
United Kingdom

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